The 3′i’s

Our company’s philosophy can be summed up as Independence, Intelligence and Integrity.

CDAM practises and recognises the importance of “Independence”, “Intelligence”, and “Integrity” in the provision of its fund management services.

Independence of thought and action comes naturally at CDAM. This is because CDAM is not associated with any financial institutions, large corporations or government organisations, thus preventing conflicts of interest. With a clear focus, its efforts are concentrated on providing the best possible fund management service.

CDAM does not act on tips, rumors, hearsay, etc., but only on an intimate knowledge of investments, based on intelligent and objective analysis.

While it sounds abstract, CDAM believes that integrity will, in the long run show in the investment returns that its clients receive.

Anchored on the values of these 3 ‘I’s, CDAM has gradually and successfully built up its recognition and reputation in the investment industry, locally and regionally. The persistent application of the 3 ‘i‘s philosophy holds the key to CDAM’s consistent success in the stock market.