Over the years, Capital Dynamics has been has been featured in various media. This section contains media coverage on the Capital Dynamics group of companies and its funds i Capital Global Fund, i Capital International Value Fund and the listed fund icapital.biz Berhad.

This is an ongoing and expanding archive, so come back once in a while to read up on what the mass media has said about us.

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Date Source Title
30/09/2015 Sinchew 資本投資股東大會 三董事再連任
30/09/2015 Guang Ming 資本投資有限公司 壓倒性票數重選3董事
21/09/2015 The Star No change in icapital board
19/09/2015 Sinchew 持現金為上 陳鼎武:股市風險高回酬低
14/09/2015 Sinchew Investing is not about predictions, it’s about learning to think and make logical analysis
13/09/2015 New Straits Times Online How to invest like Warren Buffett
01/09/2015 Daily Express 1MDB not the only problem facing M’sia
31/08/2015 Starbiz Investing during difficult times
10/08/2015 The Edge Singapore, Personal Wealth Staying upbeat on Singapore
13/06/2015 The Star Let’s discuss productivity
09/02/2015 The Edge Applying the principles of value investing
26/01/2015 Kinibiz online Correction from the article “Post AGM saga, City of London adds stake in icapital.biz”
21/01/2015 Kinibiz Post AGM saga, City of London adds stake in icapital.biz
10-16/01/2015 Focus Malaysia APM’s new contracts shield it from auto slowdown
02/01/2015 Financial Daily New Year, old spats
29/12/2014 The Edge Investment Outlook 2015
13/12/2014 Starbiz Deja-vu for icapital.biz?
10/12/2014 Kinibiz Capital Dynamics: the first global Asian fund
06/12/2014 Starbiz Fund manager rethink strategies
04/12/2014 Nanyang 前吉打总警长任资本投资董事
01/12/2014 Nanyang 争取到时间,改不了结果
02/12/2014 Starbiz Reappointment of director shot down
01/12/2014 Nanyang 罢免董事须顾及公司利益资本投资重委董事遇阻
02/01/2015 Nanyang 委任董事议程 72.96% :75%阿都阿兹返资本投资失败
29/11/2014 Nanyang Siang Pau 陈鼎武:反对委阿都阿兹任董 事 “伦敦投资理由牵强“
28/11/2014 Sinchew 以少欺多?
19/11/2014 Business Times Correction from the article Vote Tunku Aziz at Nov 30 AGM, says icapital.biz manager dated 18 Nov 2014
18/11/2014 Nanyang 陈鼎武吁挑战派现身解释
18/11/2014 Sinchew 伦敦基金以少欺多,陈鼎武吁iCap 股东会上说分明
18/11/2014 Oriental Daily 资本投资30日重开大会,陈鼎武 等伦敦金融城交代
18/11/2014 New Straits Times Vote Tunku Aziz at Nov 30 AGM, says icapital.biz manager
18/11/2014 The Sun New boardroom tussle looms at icapital.biz, Tan to ‘defend position’
18/11/2014 Starbiz Shrinking board: icapital.biz faces prospects of having only 4 board members following opposition from a group of shareholders
18/11/2014 The Edge Financial Daily Tan turns to minority shareholders
17/11/2014 KiniBiz Tan Teng Boo denies abusing position in adjourning AGM
15/10/2014 Financial Daily icapital.biz clarifies that Ahmad Yahaya intended to retire
14/10/2014 Malaysia Chronicles Large turnout at icapital’s Investor Day
07/10/2014 The Edge Financial Daily O and G counters are expensive and property stocks are ‘worrying’ says Tan Teng Boo
04/10/2014 Focus Malaysia ICAP eyes undervalued stocks with its cash hoard
04/10/2014 Starbiz The cautious contrarian
09/20-26/2014 Focus Malaysia Plantation stocks ‘Institutional funds ramp up overseas property investments’
09/09/2014 The Business Times Plantation stocks ‘due for major correction’
09-15/08/2014 Focus Malaysia Worries weigh on KLCI
20/04/2014 Sinchew Daily 股神也沒轍
12/04/2014 Focus Malaysia Dual-listing fund plan yet to materialise
12/04/2014 Sinchew Daily 倫敦投資管理增持資本投資至9.94%
10/04/2014 Sinchew Daily 兩位股神的待遇
24/01/2014 Sinchew Daily 经济转型留不住人才?
13/01/2014 The Busy Weekly 股价低估27%
11/12/2013 Starbiz icapital posts RM5.7mil Q2 profit
02/12/2013 The Edge Malaysia Weighing icapital.biz’s fund fees and asset worth
9-15/11/2013 Focus Malaysia Wellcall cathes attention of London-based fund
2-8/11/2013 Focus Malaysia Short-term gain, long-term pain (Page 1, Page 2)
29/10/2013 The Edge Online Urbanisation drives investment opportunities in China
29/10/2013 Oriental Daily 陈鼎武对预算案失望 服务推动经济难成先进国
29/10/2013 The Edge Financial Daily No FY14 dividend for icapital.biz shareholders
29/10/2013 Starbiz Output decline dampener
29/10/2013 Nanyang Siang Pao 锡需求料增长2% 马熔锡明年净利回弹
28/10/2013 The Edge Financial Daily Nurul Izzah laments emphasis on physical infrastructure
28/10/2013 The Edge Financial Daily Investor Forum
28/10/2013 Nanyang Siang Pao 黄 金十年:再来一次
27/10/2013 Nanyang Siang Pao 增长谨慎乐观 中国城镇化现商机
27/10/2013 Nanyang Siang Pao 明年完成种植业务上市 莫实得拟打造产托
19/10/2013 The Star icapital not keen on Bursa
10/05-11/2013 Focus Malaysia Impact of US fiscal deadlock on the market
20/05/2013 The Edge Singapore, Personal Wealth Asian-style global investing
30/11/2012  Advertorial Frankly Speaking: Capital Dynamics Asset Management Advertorial
27/11/2012 The Star Tussle for icapital again?
26/11/2012 Star Metrobiz An iconic look
14/11/2012 The Edge Laxey may do it again says Tan
14/11/2012 New Straits Times New Fund to reduce discount gap
14/11/2012 Malay Mail Upbeat Prognosis for icapital.biz
12/11/2012 The Sun Teng Boo gets vote of confidence from icapital.biz Bhd shareholders
12/11/2012 The Star Tan stays on at icapital | Page 2
12/11/2012 New Straits Times icapital.biz Shareholders reject Laxey nominees | Page 2
09/11/2012 The Edge Tan confident of shareholder’s support
09/11/2012 The Star Tan rebukes Laxey | Page 2
08/11/2012 The Edge Tan to block Laxey’s entry into icapital.biz board | Page 2
07/11/2012 The Star Icapital.biz future at stake
07/11/2012 The Star Tan issues ultimatum | Page 2
07/11/2012 The Edge Troubles at icapital.biz | Page 2
07/11/2012 The Sun Icapital.biz founder may retire as its manager
07/11/2012 New Straits Times Capital Dynamics gest SC nod for dual-listed fund
06/11/2012 The Star Hostile take over? | Page 2
03/06/2011  Ignites Asia  Malaysia’s Capital Dynamics targets Hong Kong
 30/05/2011 Financial Times  Khazanah struggles to revamp state-backed groups
 27/12/2010  The Edge Singapore  What To Buy in 2011
 01/02/2010  Pulses  I’m like a Chinese businessman who treasures hard cash
 30/01/2010  The Business Times Weekend  China still presents a buying opportunity(Online Ver)
 21/12/2009  Business Times  Capital Dynamics eyes China Market(Online Ver)
 11/11/2009  Next Insight  TAN TENG BOO: Top fund manager expects 30-40% gain next year
 Curtin Campus media release  Curtin Sarawak students treated to fundamental analysis talk by prominent fund manager
 09/11/2009  The Edge Singapore  Tan Teng Boo’s bullish expectations
 05/11/2009  Business Times  Capital Dynamics bullish on stocks
 05/11/2009  Shares Investment  Veteran Fund Manager Bent On Bull Markets Ahead
 10/08/2009  The Edge  China’s reality check
 27/07/2009  The Edge  icapital.biz overweight on consumer stocks
 25-26/07/2009  The Business Times Weekend  Asia’s second homecoming
 29/06/2009  Shares Investment  Capital Dynamics Bullish Amidst Global Economic Woes
 10/06/2009  The Borneo Post  Opportunities available with local stock market
 09/06/2009  United Daily  提供散户式投资良机    资威推出资本投资基金
 Eastern Times  Capital Dynamics prove Malaysians really boleh
 The Borneo Post  Capital Dynamics Group launches latest Australian fund management platform
 01/06/2009  Austrade  Asian funds manager opens in Australia
 27/05/2009  InvestorDaily (online)  Asian manager launches fee-free fund in Australia
 25/05/2009  The Edge Singapore  Dare to buy on dips
 14/05/2009  Daily Express  Right time to invest or expand, says MD (Online ver)
 New Sabah Times  Great time to invest during economic slowdown
 The Borneo Post  Lehman brothers causes economic contraction : MD
 Business Times  Capital Dynamics sees new stock bull market
 See Hua Daily News  资威集团捎佳音   提供散户式全球基金投资
 12/05/2009  ZaoBao Business  资威新加坡董事经理陈鼎武: 全球经济处V形复苏
 12/05/2009  Business Times  Fund Manager says rally can last
 09/05/2009  The Star  Up close and personal with Tan Teng Boo
 07/05/2009  United Daily  资威集团董事经理:全球经济迈向V型复苏
 06/05/2009  New Strait Times  Stock stampede coming and its no bull (Online ver)
 The Edge  Market rally sustainable, says Capital Dynamics (Online ver)
 The Star  Signs show marketon a verge of a bull run (Online ver)
 The Malaysian Reserve  Stock markets have bottomed out
 The Borneo Post  Global bourses on bullish reversal: Capital Dynamics
 China Press  经济渐复苏   推动股市向好
 Oriental Daily  大马政治左右马股回弹(Online ver)
 Nan Yang Siang Pau  资威:未必与经济基础一致
(Online ver)
 05/05/2009  The Edge  Capital Dynamics launches second global fund
 Business Times  KLCI seen at 1,400-1,500 in 2-3 years
 07/04/2009  I&T News  First Asian-owned AFSL holder opens Sydney office
 07/03/2009  The Star  Capital Dynamics spreads wings to Australia
 18/02/2009 My Paper  Finance sector still hiring
 23/09/2008  BFM Media  The Wall Street Carnage – Should We Cut and Run?
 06/08/2008  Business Times  Contrarian view: KL bear season ended last month
 28/07/2008  The Edge Singapore  Unconventional Optimism
22/07/2008  Business Times  Fund owner sees strong NYSE rebound by end ’08
 22/07/2008  ZaoBao Business 威新加坡董事经理陈鼎武:目前是进入股市好时机
 21/07/2008  Channel News Asia  i Capital expects recovery in markets over next 6-12 months
 20/05/2008  The Star Online  Fund managers turn defensive
 13/08/2007  The Star Online  Overseas ventures boost earnings for some
 28/07/2007  The Star Online  The ringgit debate
 01/04/2006  Bernama.com  Five-year development planning may be outmoded, says Tan Teng Boo
 25/08/2005  icapital.biz increasing fund size for listing
 24/08/2005  Bernama.com  icapital.biz gets SC nods to expand fund size
 04/08/2005  Bernama.com  icapital.biz seeks to boost fund size
 04/08/2005  Bernama.com  icapital.biz applies to increase fund size to RM140m
 04/08/2005 Business Times  icapital.biz seeks SC nod to boost fund size
 13/07/2005 Business Times  icapital.biz gives listing press kit a Buffett spin
 13/07/2005  The Star  Capital Dynamics gets SC nod for closed-end fund
 09/07/2005  The Star  Oil & Gas sector among top picks
 08/07/2005  The Star  Economic slowdown likely to be moderate
 08/07/2005  The Edge  Closed-end fund to pick up undervalued stocks
 08/07/2005  The Star  Economic slowdown likely to be moderate (cont)
 08/07/2005  Business Times  icapital.biz targets main board listing in September
 08/07/2005  Business Times  icapital.biz: Bear mart best time to launch fund
 06/07/2005  The Star  Opportunity awaits in closed-end fund
 20/06/2005  The Edge  Another closed-end fund for Malaysia
 20/06/2005  The Edge  Measures in place to safeguard shareholders’ interest (cont)
 10/06/2005  Bernama  CDAM to launch closed-end fund
 10/06/2005  Business Times  Capital Dynamics to launch closed-end fund
 09/06/2005  Business Times  Analysts, fund managers still bullish on mart
 01/08/2002  Far Eastern Economic Review  Greed Breeds Greed
 15/09/2001  Investors Digest  A Voice in The Wilderness